Welcome to my Website!

Hai! Welcome to my comfy website. I'm a uni student that is studying gamedev. I love coding, drawing sprites, and creating websites. Retro games are my passion, and a lot of what I make circles around them. I'm also a casual Linux user, a Fedizen, and an advocate for community-driven software.

Stuff That I Enjoy Using

Games That I Love

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Super Mario Land, MOTHER, Touhou Kaikidan ~ Mystic Square, Classic Tetris, Mega Man, Pikmin 3, Undertale, Kirby's Dream Land, Rhythm Heaven, Resident Evil 2

Other things That I obsess over

The GameCube, retro tech, speedrunning, romhacking, homebrew, KDE Plasma, Windows 7, computer privacy, vertical monitors, 16:10 screen ratio, #AAAAFF , Touhou manga, Squeex, Spongebob, Poptarts, dad jokes

Contact Me!

Messages are always welcome! I prefer XMPP and Matrix for their E2EE, but I also accept Telegram and Revolt!

You can also find me on the Fediverse! (@kiyoshi@akko.wtf) Feel free to request a follow if we've chatted before.